4 Tips for Traveling to Hong Kong for the first time


Being the world’s 7th largest trading economy, Hong Kong is a cool place to visit and it can also be super simple to navigate, if you check these pointers below to help make your first time visit a breeze. Hong Kong is a melting pot of cultures and an international hub, with a ton of tourist attractions right on our doorstep, so there’s a whole load crammed into this tiny territory, so here are our top tips to help you make the most as a first-time visitor. If you don’t want to travel alone, take into consideration that many of the girls who work as escorts are lovely and can make for a fun journey, just make sure they have professional checks done by searching for a reliable escort agency.

If you are going to Hong Kong with your male friends, it would be an excellent opportunity to hire an escort, as most are charming and can surely bring something unique to your trip. Some of the locals get jobs as escorts to give clients the time of their life, while earning a lot of money and having fun in clubs, so these days it is easy to find an escort if you are willing to pay for sex. We keep receiving questions from those who are planning their trip and especially from first time travelers who are indeed excited about their trip, which is why we wanted to give them some tips regarding visa, accommodation and transport so that they’ll be able to explore the place better.

If you’re traveling to Hong Kong, these travel tips are essential as it can be overwhelming as a tourist to make the most of your trip to this amazing city. If it is going to be your first time let us make your life easy with some useful travel tips every first-time Hong Kong visitor needs to know with our insider knowledge. After spending many days in Hong Kong, we came out with 7 travel tips and we recommend the following hotels: Central Mini Hotel, Hotel Jen Hong Kong, Hotel Pottinger, The Luxe Manor and Hotel Jen Hong Kong.

1. Get situated

Before figuring out what side you’ll stay on, it’s best to choose a place that’s convenient to your itinerary, but take into consideration that those epic views of are taken from the Kowloon side if this is what you’re after, so make sure your close to the harbor edge.

2. Some rules have been changed

Visa is On-Arrival and you should carry international debit or credit cards, but there’s no minimum currency required for Visa, so we recommend you exchange currency at banks in Hong Kong.

3. Get an Octopus card

You can use it at many shops and vending machines, and there’s even talk of the card being introduced in taxis, so it is really convenient.

4. Get to the Hong Kong International Airport through the Airport Express

Tickets are available at the airport, but you can purchase the tickets online to avoid the line.

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