Dialogue in the Dark Experience in Hong Kong


Let your senses take centre stage in total darkness, as it offers the opportunity to explore different environments using sounds, temperatures and activities, including Birthday in the Dark and Wine Tasting in the Dark. Our exhibition is specially constructed with visually impaired guides, enabling you to ‘see’ the world in an inspirational way. Dialogue in the Dark is run by DiD HK Limited, offering the experience in different spaces: Mei Foo and Cheung Sha Wan – the Business Workshop venue, supporting a foundation, that enables regional people to pursue their dream and engaging people to create an impact. An extraordinary experience, Dialogue in Hong Kong is a tourist attraction, but also an extraordinary activity, continuously expanding through a series of every day settings in total darkness leading you through the different situations.

Open since 2010, Dialogue in the Dark workshop enables you to close your eyes and hear the seagulls and waves against the boat, while fumes permeate the air and birds can be heard. One of the most unusual experiences is Dialogue in the Dark, where trainers lead groups which must learn to rely on their other senses, first opened in 1988, with workshops and exhibits in over 30 countries, visited by people in different cities in South America, Asia, and the Middle East. Dialogue in the Dark is named the no. 1 attraction, a workshop which places you in a dark room, and in turn enhancing your senses, as you’re given a blind stick and are introduced to your tour guides who walk you through simulated scenes including a Star Ferry, the supermarket and walking through a forest.

Dialogue Experience was a rebranding milestone of a social enterprise founded in Germany, so that over 6,000 visually impaired can earn a living by means of Dialogue in the Dark and was launched in Hong Kong in 2008, endeavoring to promote a sustainable model. You won’t ever be physically scared, but you might trip or bang your knee while listening to music and you’ll surely imagine seeing the flautist. This encounter might change your preconceptions about disabilities and help you learn how wrong the clichés are, shared by a vast majority, as the source of unequal opportunities in education and job chances.

The program provided jobs, as the Dialogue in the Dark in Hong Kong takes approximately 75 minutes, during which visitors explore different environments using temperature and various sounds. As a must-see experience, Dialogue Experience harnesses innovation with people of differences, engaging them to create an impact and demonstrate their enthusiasm by bringing up problems and taking initiative while valuing work. At the same time it employs and empowers people, through a start of work at Dialogue in the Dark, more of a workshop set in the darkness, turning thus the tables towards the world of the blind, where the blind lead you.

You’ll experience Hong Kong in a unique way as you’ll find there are different environments: you’ll visit a ferryboat and a theatre and every one is unique through its smells and tastes.

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