Events: opening our eyes to the visually impaired


There are a number of questions that blind people seem to get asked, but there are some things about blindness which are often-quoted views. Many people feel their hearing is better as they have to listen more intently.

1. MySight York

People with sight loss are working together through this independent charity, helping people remain independent and supporting people to live well with through an experienced staff and volunteers who provide information about the services, so if you would like to know more you can telephone or visit the city centre premises.

2. Be My Eyes

Through the video call, a volunteer can solve a problem and help guide with direction, and what to focus on, and sighted volunteers can help just by installing the app, because low-vision user may need help with checking dates or even reading instructions. Bringing sight to low-vision people, it is an app that connects low-vision people with volunteers and representatives for assistance every day, who lend their eyes to help low-vision people who request assistance. Be My Eyes’ goal is to make the world accessible to people who have a low level of vision, relying on the help of our community, and you can join the community as a low-vision user or a volunteer and help them make it accessible.

3. Useful Vision

As a key part they offer practical advice for children and families through to adulthood, collecting some useful resources for help and guidance for visually impaired children, so it is a great place to start Sensory Play or Horse Riding. They offer help for visually impaired children by providing opportunities and events for partially sighted children and their families in order to flourish, as well as accessible activities to visually throughout the North East region. They’re always open to helping hands as well.

4. Light House for the Blind and Visually Impaired

They offer skills training and services such as employment, government, recreation, and the environment, pursuing the development of technology, innovation, and the voices of individuals. Education and community for the blind, with hands-on support from individuals, their goal is to ensure the stability of the community. On April 11, there will be listenings with Romanian Ioana Gandrabur, as the LightHouse continues its listening party from 5:30 at LightHouse Headquarters through an evening of music with an award-winning guitarist, as she incorporates music with interactive discussions about blindness and entertainment.

5. The Chicago Lighthouse

Founded on Chicago’s West Side, it has been a pioneer across the areas of care, education and technology, and was first named the Association for Blind People, founded by a group of Chicago women out of a concern for the city’s blind community. The Chicago Lighthouse has been a leader in vision care and services for patients and their families, constructed in total darkness, as a leading enterprise. Through two world wars the organization continued to provide opportunities for empowerment to individuals with vision loss, and its mission grew to include vision care with the establishment of the low vision clinic in the early 1950s.

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